Considered, community-led design

Wydr Studios thrives on our tight-knit community. Our philosophy is 'community-first', where our cherished Wydr Warriors serve as the driving force to power our design arm based in New York and overall product development. Since our inception, we've had the privilege of closely collaborating with a handpicked group from our community to guide and refine our footwear range through our Tester Program.

Gathering first-hand, invaluable experience has provided us with a holistic understanding, allowing us to approach footwear design and manufacturing with a complete 360-degree perspective.


Honest sizing guarantee

Our sizing has been crafted from scratch. This means no pair of Wydr Studios shoes have been deceptively "sized up" under the guise of being truly wide width. Wydr Studios' footwear formula is created specifically to honor wide fit feet.

  • Our footwear is designed to accommodate feet that require an extra wide (WW) fit
  • Our widths sizes are equivalent to being wider by two sizes on average as compared to the standard sole
  • The in-step is designed with extra height volume to allow for breathability
  • Our extra-wide calf sizes boasts an additional 2 inches of room for select boots

An invitation to our inner circle

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