Our Journey

Join us on a journey through time as we look back at our path, sharing the ups, downs and tireless work that have shaped us into who we are today.

JULY 2024

Styling our best selling Monti Sandals

Our stylish brand ambassador, @victoriaxbarra, lends her fashion-forward eye to the studio as she flaunts two different trends in our best selling Monti Sandals in Black.

From a feminine witchy get up, to tennis core chic, our Monti Sandals are a versatile addition to your summer closet!

May 2024

Our Summer Debut

Unveiling our playful, practical and elegant Summer collection, we introduce new slides, sandals and heels ready for your island retreat or chic city getaway.

A highlight of the collection (and a Wydr Tester favorite) is our revolutionary Ingrid Pointy Toe Kitten Heels, designed to accommodate wide widths and sharpen up any outfit.

This collection underwent 2-3 rounds of vigorous testing with professional wide width fitting models prior to 204 hours of testing with our community of Wydr Testers!

April 2024

Our very first custom prom heels

We were trusted with crafting our first custom pair of Darcy heels for Zuriya's prom, ensuring a perfect fit for her uniquely shaped feet and toes.

With meticulous attention to detail, we opened two different types of shoe lasts to accommodate her differently sized feet, sending multiple drafts for her feedback. Most impressively, we did this all virtually! Here's to dreaming bigger and Wydr.


Elevating confidence with FatCon

Embracing diversity and inclusivity, Wydr Studios is proud to be the bag sponsor for FatCon 2024, celebrating body positivity and empowerment. As advocates for embracing every body type, we stand united with this movement, celebrating confidence and style at every size.

Our commitment to supporting events like FatCon reflects our dedication to creating a fashion-forward world that recognizes and celebrates beauty in every individual.

December 2023

Our Tester Program returns for Spring 2024

Wydr Studios is nothing without its marvellous and dedicated community who have contributed a total of over 500 hours to the testing of our Spring collection and even greater insights which will shape and mold our design and fit.

October - November 2023

Introducing the loafers

We released the much-anticipated Sam Lucky Penny and Taylor Loafers which became an instant sensation within the Wydr community.

The resounding success speaks to their timeless appeal, and something our community had been yearning to covet. Stay tuned for more, as our design studio responds to its popular demand, crafting even more exceptional loafers to elevate your style and comfort.

September 2023

Final touches for launch

With our Tester Program being a huge success, we added even more width to our footwear measurements as well as our entire size guide – just in time for our October launch.

We have so much more to learn and our Tester Program will be available with future collections. Customers and a select few from our Facebook VIP group will be invited to participate.

August 2023

A lucky few seed customers test our prototypes

With more than 200 unanticipated applicants, we're deeply thankful for the tremendous support. Our days are filled with meetings with shortlisted candidates, shipping prototypes, and gathering feedback.

Each day is a chance to learn, and we value your patience as we work towards greater inclusivity.

July 2023

Debuting Wydr Studios

In just a few short weeks, we've achieved 1,000 followers on Instagram, and our vibrant Pre-launch Facebook Group has already welcomed 500 wide fit warriors and counting.

We're thrilled to begin sharing and testing with those who've volunteered for our Tester Program.

June 2023

Weaving the details together

With shoe revisions completed, our Design team meticulously evaluates hundreds of fabric swatches and conducts rigorous tests to guarantee enduring durability.

It's an arduous task, but we find the perfect selection of top grade cow leather, patent PU leather and microsuede materials, offering the right balance between wow-factor and practicality.

May 2023

Trying it on for size

A prototype fitting occurs in New York with Wydr's Footwear Design team where more corrections are identified and made.

Here, more size amendments and materials are finalised. After months of debate, our Product team were able to make a decision on the perfect sole cushioning out of a shortlist of 10.

April 2023

Bringing the sketch to life

Once our shoe mold was finalised, we could start production on bringing our designs to life. We starting developing prototypes of our Chelsea, Stretch and Western boots, enduring hundreds of corrections and and re-corrections to bring you the styles you see today.

March 2023

Our pioneering wide width shoe last is made

We did not have a blueprint for success, or any industry standard to follow. But, we also did not want to rely on other wide width footwear size guides as they may be inconsistent or unreliable.

So, we made the ambitious decision to create our own wide width shoe molds from scratch, which would allow us to offer true and honest sizes for wide fit feet.

Through extensive research and design revisions, and five different shoe lasts later, our pioneering wide width inclusive shoe mold is created.

February-March 2023

Putting pencil to paper

Our design team began researching and formulating the perfect inclusive shoe, while we sought out those from the plus sized community to come forward and share their hopes with us.


Building the foundations

Slowly but surely, we assembled an expert team of 10, reaching out to specialists from all corners of the globe, and gathered a black book of trusted artisans and manufacturers who believed in our vision.

January 2023

A conversation sparked

Founded by a group of friends, we were discussing how fashionable and comfortable wide width footwear was impossible to find one night, based on our own painful experiences related to bunions, swollen feet and even pregnancy-related symptoms.

Having researched the idea more, we fell in love with the thought of being able to create footwear that would help the people we love as well as millions of others who were in their shoes; no pun intended.