Here's to every woman who has ever been made to feel less than beautiful from ill-fitting footwear.

Finding beautiful, in vogue footwear has never been so hard for those who need that wide width fit. In this day and age where inclusion is being celebrated, this same embrace for footwear simply does not exist.

Wydr Studios is the product of challenging the status quo. Our team have spent tireless months researching, designing and refining the perfect shoe, built upon all of the collective challenges we've gathered from the voices of those who have longed for a solution, and our own years of experience we've accumulated within the footwear industry.

Discover how we've reinvented wide width footwear in the pursuit of comfort and style below.


"I've tried on the largest sizes and shoes still don't feel comfortable."

What other brands aren't telling you.

We've created a specialized formula taking into account of wide width measurements, so our soles are made to fit your feet.

Most brands that offer wide width shoes usually swap soles for the next size up or add more material on top of the feet, both of which still fails to provide that same level of comfort or fit for wider feet.

"No shoe fits me right... They're either too small or too big."

As good as made-to-measure.

Our range of shoes have been vigorously tried and tested on exceptional women of all foot shapes and sizes so we've been able to achieve the perfect formula for shoes that hold you in all the right places, no matter the width of your foot, ankle or calf.

We encourage you to explore our size guide and carefully measure your feet according to our chart.

"I get water retention in my feet and feel uncomfortable quite easily."

Finest materials only.

Renowned for its remarkable strength and longevity, we've opted for the highest quality of genuine leather in select colors for our shoes. Our vegan leather and genuine suede fabrics offer an impressive durability to the lifespan of our footwear.

These exceptional materials will ensure that your shoes endure the test of time while offering optimal durability and breathability as you transition from day into night.

"I get self conscious about the odors from my feet and have to carry deodorant wherever I go."

No odor, no problem.

Our high-density cushion soles are made from a blend of vegan leather and bamboo fiber, providing the remarkable ability to absorb odors, sweat, and adapting to the rhythm of your step, offering extraordinary comfort throughout your wear.

"All my trendy shoes always break after one use so I've given up on shopping for footwear."

Putting your best foot forward.

Our meticulously engineered outsoles are light as air and slip-resistant – perfect for sunshine or rain. With the ability to support over 440lbs, we've hidden within the construction of our footwear a high-quality iron shank: a remarkable addition ensuring your shoes preserve their silhouette over time.